Impact Enterprise Summit 2018 Recap Clip

  • What is an "Impact Enterprise"?
  • How to start your own business that can achieve these two goals - making profit and bringing positive impact to the society?
  • Where to get business ideas? How to attract investment to Social Impact Company?

All of those following questions will be answered at Impact Enterprise Summit 2018 - the summit co-hosted by Seed Planter and CSIP with the endorsement of The U.S Embassy. The summit was the playground of young enthusiastic people who have business mindset, the pursuit for entrepreneurship opportunities while at the same time have a heart for bringing positive and liberal changes in their local communities.


Prominent Speakers

The excellent individuals unfold inspiring stories about social impact enterprises.

6 Interactive Panels

Chance to actively share individual's perspectives, bring in positive energy.

Various Subjects

Acquiring of experience in various fields - agriculture, education and technology


Opportunity to meet up on-site with more than 20 companies at the showcase and many other young fellows who share the same goals at the summit.


Main topics and discussion

Startup Unfold: New Insights from Existing Social Initiatives
The Vietnamese youth bring the entrepreunerial mindset to the formation of more creative and sustainable solutions for social problems.

Real People, Real Stories: A Discussion with Social Impact Entrepreneurs:
Human Training and Development: Many colors of a spectrum
The application of mindfulness, professional training and development in classroom setting (Hoa Sen Kindergarten, KOTO, and Teach for Vietnam

Agriculture: Spreading Humane Value: A tenacious effort to stay side-by-side with farmers and figure out a more sustainable planting and harvesting model that is human-friendly and eco-friendly (Biophap, MimosaTEK & Rau Cười Việt Nhật)

Technology: A breakthrough solution: The leverage on technological momentum to widespread social and environmental values sparkled by the sympathy for the unprivileged communities (VEXERE,

Everyone can do business: Micro-finance to break poverty's chain, unleash business potentials (MOM Tiền Giang, Quỹ CEP, and Dariu Foundation)

Secret Unfold: Where do the idea of start-up for the society begin?


Guest Speakers

Mr Huynh Cong Thang

CEO Vicgo & UEH Connected

Mr Huynh Hanh Phuc

Founder Teach for Vietnam (TFV) & Thư quán doanh nhân

Mr Jimmy Pham

CEO & Founder KOTO

Mr Ly Truong Chien

  • Chairman of TriTri Group & TriTri Consulting
  • Co-founder “Quản Trị & Khởi Nghiệp” – Management & Start-up Club

Mr Tran Nguyen Le Van

Founder & CEO, Vexere JSC

Ms Hoang Hiep

Giám đốc phát triển thị trường của Dariu Foundation

Ms Hui Woon Tan

Founder Alley 51 Ventures & The Purpose Group

Ms Lada Rasochova

Managing Director of Rady Venture Capital, USA

Ms Lam Thi Thuy Ha


Ms Le Huynh Kim Ngan


Ms Pham Kieu Oanh

  • Top 20 influenced woman in Vietnam – Forbes 2016

Ms Shuyin Tang

Partner of Patamar Venture Capital

Media & Press