[Opportunity]: People & Culture Coordinator

Position Title: People & Culture Coordinator

Reporting to: Head of People & Culture Seed Planter

Organization & Project Overview

About Seed Planter

Seed Planter is an impact-driven organization with mission to nurture & develop capability for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs to create lasting social & environmental changes through sustainable startup & business models, which balance purpose & profit. In 2019, Seed Planter received Blue Swallow award for its effort in supporting social business initiative for sustainable development in Vietnam.

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Role Overview

Seed Planter is a unique organisation where most of us choose to go extra miles on top of our full time jobs to contribute our expertise & passion to create a better ecosystem for impact entrepreneurship in Vietnam. We are also ambitious to inspire communities around us with the belief that being in Vietnam should not be the requisite to join hands in creating social impact on our country. Currently Seed Planter members are located in 5 countries & 7 cities. The mission of People & Culture team is to attract talents with the right profiles & capabilities and facilitate a thriving environment for them to learn, collaborate & unleash their potentials to create values that matter for our targeted aspiring social entrepreneurs while enjoying our youthful & connected culture. 

People & Culture Coordinator will surely do a better job with front office experience to obtain insights into customers & ecosystem landscapes throughout face to face interactions. Therefore, it’s our intention to combine this role with Community Meet-up Lead. The purpose of Community Meet-ups is to create opportunities for like-minded people in the impact entrepreneurship ecosystem to connect, learn, exchange ideas and form meaningful relationships. Community Meet-ups is a monthly/bi-monthly event (10-20 people per event), where aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs come to learn from experience of speaker(s) and discuss about a specific topic (for example how to build a sustainable business model, how to build team, how to acquire customers, how to measure impact….).

Key responsibilities:

People & Culture

  • Facilitate team member allocation to ensure right talents in the right place to maximize individual personal development while delivering organizational impact on communities.
  • Design & deploy capability intervention solutions to ensure our members are well equipped with functional expertise, business skills & leadership behaviors to perform their jobs with excellence
  • Facilitate different cultural activities, including but not limited to team member recognition, team buildings & bondings, … to create strong member engagement with organization.
  • Facilitate team recruitment activity to ensure a fully resourced organisation for effective operation. 

Community Meetup Lead (HCMC)

  • Plan and organize the event including choosing topics that benefit people in the impact entrepreneurship community, scheduling and confirming speakers for meetups, designing event’s agenda  with the assistance of Content team. 
  • Coordinate with marketing team to promote the meetup to the right audience
  • Oversee event logistics, including booking venue and arranging it for the event, managing participant registration and on-site tickets sales, attending event to oversee activities and ensure details are handled as planned

Are you the right fit? – Requirements:


  • Sharing values with Seed Planter: Impact-driven, Continuous learning and adaptation, Shared ownership, Empowerment, Action-oriented.
  • Strong interest in sustainable development, community empowerment, social innovation and related fields;
  • Ability to value different perspectives and embrace diversity;
  • Ability to stay curiosity and value life-long learning;
  • Polished written and verbal communication skills in both Vietnamese and English.


  • Experience in talent acquisition, management, development & engagement
  • Previous experience with Seed Planter’s programs and events or with social enterprises in Vietnam.

Time requirements: Part time 7-10 hours per week

Location: Ho Chi Minh City Preferred

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🔥DEADLINE: 7/1/2020

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