[Opportunity]: Call for Marketing Lead


Position Title: Marketing Lead Seed Planter

Reporting to: Seed Planter Director

Organization Overview

Seed Planter is an impact-driven organization with mission to nurture & develop entrepreneurial capability for young people to create lasting social & environmental changes through sustainable startup & business models, which balance purpose & profit. Seed Planter is specialized in training programmes, community events & mentoring networks to equip entrepreneurs with relevant skills, mindsets & resources.

Job Description

The minimum term for this position is 01 year with the below focuses:

  1. Build a stronger Marketing team for Seed Planter in both capacity & capability.
    • Develop an effective structure & way of working for Marketing team to operate in the context of highly frequent events.
    • Support People & Culture team to attract a sufficient number of Marketing members who are impact driven, resilient & result oriented.
    • Connect resources & networks to develop team capability in both techniques & strategies, especially in Brand & Performance Marketing.
    • Identify & develop at least 02 potential successors.
  2. Convert Seed Planter fan page and website into a knowledge hub to inspire communities of impact entrepreneurship. 
  3. Develop a brand guideline for Seed Planter.
  4. Other initiatives to be initiated by you based on your insights into Seed Planter.

The position offers opportunities for you to:

  1. Strengthen understanding, expertise & networks with impact entrepreneurship ecosystem in Vietnam
  2. Step up in leadership capability – developing & inspiring people for good cause.
  3. Create a positive impact on Vietnam no matter where you are.

Time Commitment: 7- 15 hours per week. Flexible working hours.

Location: Anywhere Compensation & Benefits: Voluntary basis. 

Send your CV to tuananh.hoang@seedplanter.vn and info.seedplanter@gmail.com to share your interest of application.

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